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Olja Einfalt, The story

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Olja graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts and gained the status of an academic painter. Upon completion of the academy she became a member of the Split CAA. Her first exibition was organized in 1992. entitled “Beautifull World”.

She is an academic painter and a great observer of life. Sometimes it’s the search for the beauty of life, sometimes it’s impression, other times it’s a dramatic, subjective analysis. All these things exist simultaneously in Olja Einfalt, in her being that registers the changes around her and connects the differences.

Her coloring is the constant element that makes her recognizable. With different intensities she provides, she always stays the same in gamma. The gamma becomes the constant that connect Olja’s work so completely. Her gamma is dangerous, and to exist in it’s refined relation and not to cross the boundaries takes a lot of hard work, wondering and tracing back to the right path. With her painting oriented to personal experiences, without a desire to assimilate new phenomena, she stays consistent to her realizations in painting. That is objectively her big chance and the only possible road to take.

She radiates sensibility, immediacy and a sense of color and measure…all that is an integral part of mature painting. Her paintings are born in a breath, discovering a soul of a young painter, a women that paints with her heart.

After finishing her academic education Olja started doing textile design and created her own fashion brand Skandal. After 15 years of hard work in creating the brand Olja wanted to challenge her self more and seek out new challenges so she recently decided to turn to her other love; applied arts. If you would like to find out more about Olja’s new passion, you can check out her latest work in this part of our web page.

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