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Olja Einfalt

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Welcome to my website!

I am Olja Einfalt, an academic artist, designer and performer.

Artistic mission: To make the world more beautiful

From an early age, I loved to create and express myself through art.

For me, artistic creation is a way of living and experiencing life as such.

I create and express myself through multiple types of media and instruments such as clothing, jewelry, glass, paintings, performance, and acting, because life itself is both versatile and diverse.

Through creation of beautiful things I want to make the environment and the world a better and more beautiful place.

I especially love doing women’s clothing and jewelry design, and stained glass.

With the design of women’s clothing and jewelry, I celebrate the female body and sex appeal as something beautiful, comfortable and which should not be a taboo.

Enjoy my website and visit us again, because a brand new website is coming soon!

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